About the Collector:

Robert V. Berg is a professor emeritus of San Diego State University where he specialized in printmaking and taught art for nearly 30 years. He first became intrigued by African tribal art while pursuing his graduate degree and studying its influence on the work of artists such as Picasso, Brancusi, and Modigliani.

Berg began collecting art in Paris during the early 1960’s while traveling there as a post doctoral Fulbright grantee. Over the next four decades, he lived in and attended auctions in New York, London, and Paris where he honed his expertise and developed ongoing relationships with renowned collectors and dealers of African art.

Robert’s endless enthusiasm for tribal art has allowed him to amass a collection from a wide range of African cultures. The collection features masks, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, weaponry, reliquary, and household items that he finds both aesthetically pleasing and true to their cultural heritage as ritual objects.

Pieces from the collection were featured in a number of exhibitions such as San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery’s Values Made Visual (November of 1988) curated by Barbara Blackmun, Traditional Arts of Africa (January 1998) at the Boehm Art Gallery Palomar College, and Functional Forms in African Art at Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University (Spring 1987) curated by Bill Boaz. The Berg family’s unique Mt. Helix home, which functions as a gallery displaying the collection has been a stop on home tours for the Bowers Museum Collectors Council.

Robert V. Berg hopes that what he has accumulated will not only continue to provide visual enjoyment for future viewers and opportunities for academic study, but more importantly, facilitate the preservation of this creative human expression unique to the African continent.

Contact Information:
email: casilista@mac.com
Phone: 619-823-8401 (USA)